Thursday, September 27, 2012

First Friday with Teri Sloat in Juneau

Leading into Alaska Book Week, on Friday, October 5, 5-7pm, the Downtown Juneau Public Library presents a special reception. Author and Illustrator Teri Sloat, whose illustrations will be on display in the large conference room, will present a talk, “Visual Art and Story: connecting with kids” at 6:00 pm. Sloat’s illustrations have brought many magical Alaskan children’s books to life, including Berry Magic, Dance on a Sealskin, The Hungry Giant of the Tundra, and more. During her time in Alaska, Sloat worked with the Bilingual Center in Bethel, Alaska to produce many bilingual books in Yup’ik and English. Sloat recalls, “Years of living on the YK Delta, working with bilingual programs, and oral storytellers has given me an ever-changing idea of what makes a good story. Alaska continues to be a place to return to for great journeys of the imagination.”

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