Friday, October 19, 2012

Alaska Book Week celebration on UAF Campus

Several UAF departments joined the University of Alaska Press in celebrating Alaska Book Week 2012. Students, faculty, and community members stopped by more than a dozen tables to talk with programs such as Alaska SeaGrant, the Alaska Native Language Center, and the Elmer E. Rasmuson and BioSciences Libriaries and to buy books from a wide they had available for purchase.

Morning readings featured Cam Esslemont, Peggy Shumaker, Sean Hill, Derick Burleson, Gerri Brightwell, and Carol Kaynor. After a break, they switched to an open mic format that kept people reading into the early afternoon--we hear that a lot of enthusiastic readers and their friends participated!

Once again we extend our thanks to University of Alaska Press for their generous sponsorship of Alaska Book Week.


  1. A million thanks to the University of Alaska Press for making this event possible. I was one of the participants in the open mic and it was a great experience. A friend of mine told me that promotional umbrellas are given out after the event. Unfortunately, I left right after so I didn't had the chance of getting one for myself.

    1. Sophie, we're glad to hear that the event was so beneficial to you. Will follow up with UA Press for you on the promotional umbrellas.

    2. Sophie, could you email so I can put you in touch with our contact at UA Press. Thanks!