Monday, October 14, 2013

Debut of the Great Alaska Book Fair

A huge thank you to The Alaska Writers Guild and Alaska Pacific University for planning and hosting the first annual Great Alaska Book Fair at APU on October 12, with support from 49 Writers. Forty-five authors writing in many different genres participated--some from as far away as Unalaska! There were also five presses and literary journals represented: University of Alaska Press, VP&D House, Cirque, Alaska Quarterly Review, and the Alaska Dispatch.

Kris Farmen signs copies of Turn Again
Our gratitude also goes to the writers themselves for bringing the range and depth of Alaskan writing into the public eye: Martha Amore, Barbara Atwater, Dan Bigley, Laurel Bill, Burt Bomhoff, David Brown, Anne Coray, Valerie Delaune, Priscilla Delgado, Roman Dial, Sherry Eckrich and 10 Poets, Mei Mei Evans, Kris Farmen, Vic Fischer, Dick Griffity, Libby Hatton, William Hauser, Dani Haviland, Cora Holmes, Kaylene Johnson, Jim Lanier, Steven Levi, Lynn Lovegree, Katie Mangelsdorf, Bonnye Matthews, Debra McKinney, Rick Mystrom, Jim Misko, Lyle O'Conner, Bill Quick, Don Rearden, Michael Reidell, Bill Richardson, Cinthia Ritchie, Emily Rohrabaugh, Basil Sands, David Snyder, Millie Spezialy, Evan Swensen, Nancy Sydnam, J.N. Taylor, S.E. Thomas, Paul Twardock, Brendan VanValkenburgh, Deb Vanasse, Patricia Watts, and Bruce Walden.

Craig Medred and Megan Edge of the Alaska Dispatch
Special thanks to the Alaska Dispatch for their assistance with promoting the event! The Alaska Writers Guild, 49 Writers, and APU worked hard to get the word out and we had hoped for a higher attendance by the general public. Those who did come certainly had an impressive selection of authors to meet and many different books to browse and choose from. Everyone concerned has great ideas for making this key celebration on the Alaska Book Week calendar an even bigger event you just can't miss next year!
Musher Jim Lanier meets new readers

Rebecca Goodrich for Rick Mystrom

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