Saturday, September 20, 2014

Alaskan Author Selfies!

It's hard to believe that Alaska Book Week is almost here! Author and community outreach have been phenomenal this year, and we can't say thank you enough. We hope to make this year's Alaska Book Week engaging and successful for all of Alaska.

As we continue to update our Author Participation tab, we would like to invite authors to send photos of themselves and/or with their books. You may send them to the Alaska Book Week coordinator at, or simply post them to our Facebook page at (or click the Like Us on Facebook! tab above). This week, we have posted photos from Judy Ferguson and Bill Sherwonit. We encourage you to check our Facebook page to see which authors are posting their selfies; this will also be a good opportunity to see these writers' current projects.

While this website has served as the touchstone for Alaska Book Week participants, please feel free to post updates about your events and interests on the Facebook page as well. Stay tuned in both spaces for more exciting information!

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